How I adapted to the product designer workload.

Adaptability is the most important skill I’ve had to learn so far during my product designer course. The increase in workload has put me in a position whereby I’ve had to change up my whole schedule to accommodate for the rise in the amount of workload I’ve been tasked with. This has left me with some important decisions to make like which parts of my normal schedule have to be removed to make sure I can accomplish all the work I’ve been tasked with and yet also complete my daily tasks so the day can be a success.

According to adaptability-in-the-workplace “Organizational change happens continuously, and the drivers can be anything from technology innovation to cost-cutting measures.

While there are many different reasons for organizational change, a key component to realizing a successful transition is the ability to adapt to change by those impacted. This is typically the organization’s employees, aka “stakeholders.”.

This article helped me realize that the only way I could help improve my company’s ability to succeed was to adapt to the situation in a positive manner and take on this new workload with an open mindset and therefore think of it as means o my own betterment.

According to the importance of adaptability in a workplace, the ways to adapt to changes in workplaces include:

  1. Be confident but open to improvement
  2. Focus on improving not proving
  3. Think about your thinking
  4. Practice deliberately, not mindlessly

After reading this article, I had to change my mindset to adapt to the challenge before me positively to improve not only on the way I work but improve Kreyet’s chances of success. After careful consideration of the challenge at hand and all the behaviors holding me back from completing my workload, I zoned in on four major key factors for success in my daily routine which are:

Wake up earlier; To accommodate for all the changes to be added to my schedule, I realized I need to wake up earlier and start on my duties a lot earlier so I can be able to finish all tasks for the day.

Remove unhelpful programs from the schedule; A lot of ingrained habits had been holding me back from increasing the percentage of work I was able to accomplish in a day, so for the good of my future I had to cut them out like weeds. This has freed up a lot of time that I can now use to focus on my work and accomplish more in a day.

Communicate difficulties; Poor communication was another factor, to make the adaptability process a little smoother, I had to learn to communicate and voice the problems I was facing while on the journey of adapting.

Work for longer hours; I realized that as I continued along this process of change, I was able to squeeze in more hours to focus on work before my day ended.

In conclusion, It has been a process and the journey is ongoing but so far all the reading material provided o me coupled with understanding partners and God’s help I have been able to accomplish more than I thought previously possible. And as I continue I find that each day brings a better understanding of how to cope with the changes and achieve maximum success.